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What To Do If An Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19

April 14, 2020

1. Do not identify the infected person, but do advise employees of potential exposure

2. Have the infected person self-isolate and stay home for at least 2 weeks or until tested negative twice

3. Isolate, clean and disinfect the infected person’s work area

4. Set in place mandated work-from-home policies while employees quarantine

As an employer, you want to keep in mind that your employees value and respect the precautions being taken to protect them. You want to be sure to approach all conversations factually and not use terms like “I think” or “I feel”. Be sure your employees are aware that work is still a priority, but also take into consideration and prioritize their needs and their health. Be flexible with your employees and considerate if they fall ill or are overwhelmed by the circumstances.

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