Apartment Owners Beware!

The FHA protects a prospective tenant or homebuyer from receiving different or less favorable treatment in housing terms, conditions, or privileges based on their sex. Until recently, it was unclear whether sexual harassment qualifies as sex discrimination under the FHA.

Are You A Contractor?

When performing any type of work on a building, home, or apartment, it is critical to determine whether you must be licensed to perform that work because, as some people find out the hard way, the client may be able to avoid paying you.

OSHA Regulations In A COVID-19 Era

OSHA will be increasing the number of its inspections. Inspections will vary by industry risk (from low to very high), the nature of a complaint(s), multiple complaints, or other reasons like a random inspection.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): A Force Majeure Defense?

Does Florida Law Provide Relief to Contracting Parties in the Form of the Doctrines of Impossibility of Performance, Acts of God, Frustration of Purpose, and Force Majeure, Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Businesses Combating the Coronavirus COVID-19

For business and business owners, this global pandemic can be worrisome and fearful. In an attempt to prevent the Coronavirus COVID-19 from affecting you, please keep in mind the following tips.

What To Do If You’ve Been Sued

A lawsuit begins when a Plaintiff (the party bringing a lawsuit) files a Complaint, which is a document that outlines the Plaintiff’s case. The Complaint must then be served on the Defendant, who is the party being sued (in this case you).

Business Transactions

An often overlooked priority when launching a new business, particularly when there are partners involved, should be to create an operating agreement.